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RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL, is an assessment process based on matching the formal and informal learning experiences gained throughout one’s life, to the competencies required to gain a qualification. If you wish to apply for RPL you will need to provide evidence which demonstrates how your background, experiences and/or past studies match what you can already do or what you already know, against a unit(s) of competency from the program in which you are enrolled. Evidence can include references, diary, work samples, resume, portfolio, video/audio tape, role play etc.

RPL Workplace Assessment

is best suited to people who:

* feel they have the skills to meet all or most of the units of competency from a particular program
* have more than 5 years full time industry experience 
* have child care specific skills and paid industry employment
* have attended formal training programs (e.g. professional development workshops)

RPL Evidence Assessment

is best suited to people who:

* would like to apply for RPL for one or a couple of units of competency
* have been in the industry for less than 5 years
* wish to upgrade from the Diploma, Associate Diploma, CCC or CCCS to the Diploma of Children’s Services (ECEC)

What is Credit Transfer?

Recognition of Prior Learning is quite different from Credit Transfer. Credit transfer is a process where credit is automatically granted by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to clients who have documented evidence of achievement (e.g. a Statement of Attainment/Certificate) in the relevant competency or qualification from another RTO. 

Important note everyone should read:

Don't waste time and money studying a qualification if you have already have the skills and knowledge that will meet the competencies of a qualification. Call today to speak to an ECTARC Training Officer to discuss your experience and previous studies to determine which RPL assessment method would suit you best.  Call NSW on 02 4223 1111 or QLD on 07 3345 8272

ECTARC RPL Information Flyer

ECTARC RPL Assessment Pathways Flyer

ECTARC Training and Course Guide

Early Childhood Australia RPL Video Resource

Early Childhood Australia's National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program (NQS PLP) has a new video resource to help encourage unqualified Early Childhood Education & Care workers to undertake the Certificate III, Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification in Children’s Services. The NQS PLP is Government funded and the resources are free to use, we encourage utilisation and distribution of the video through your networks. We would also be very interested in any feedback and in particular about how you were able to make use of the videos.   The video can be accessed through the following link: Talking about practice: ‘Recognition of Prior Learning pathways’

Call an ECTARC Training Officer

Call an ECTARC Training Officer for a quick chat to see if you are eligible for RPL. Please call 02 4223 1111 anytime Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Tuesday nights from 5pm - 7pm.